Is Indie Goat Soap – A new natural skincare brand?

It’s 2019 and I love how there are more and more Cruelty-free small businesses coming up now, Switching to Cruelty-free products has become so much easier now!

Indie Goat Soap is one such brand I got to collaborate with. They sent me a couple of products to try out and review. Before I move further with any collaboration, I research a lot on the brand to get some simple questions answered. If I don’t get these answers through their website, I chat with the company directly. Below are the questions, I usually ask and their responses inline:

  1. Are your finished products or individual ingredients within your products tested on animals? No
  2. Do your suppliers (ie, any third party company you source your ingredients from) test their ingredients on animals during production? No
  3. Are your products sold in markets where animal testing is required by law (Ex: Mainland China)? No
  4. Is your company owned by another company? If so, can you specify who? No
  5. Do your products contain any animals by-products? If yes, can you state where the animal by-products are sourced from? Only soap bars use animal products such as goat milk. Rest of the products are 100% plant-based. The goat milk is sourced from their own family-owned farm of 15 goats.
  6.  Is your company leaping bunny certified? If not, do you plan on getting a certification in the near future? We aren’t leaping bunny certified yet! Amanda, the co-founder is currently in discussion with them.
  7. Are any of your products non-toxic and created only with safe and/or natural ingredients? No


Indie Goat Soap is a small business owned by two friends – Heather & Amanda. Heather suffered from skin problems most of her life. Even after trying new products, promising treatments repeatedly, she couldn’t resolve her skin issues. Frustrated, she took the matters into her own hands and started formulating naturally derived effective skincare for women just like her. Currently, she and her friend Amanda Amanda continue to grow Indie Goat Soap with only one goal in mind – delivering naturally effective results to help women achieve skin confidence they deserve.

Products I tested & reviewed

I have personally reviewed some of their products and posted a detailed review of each product on my Instagram. Check them out! I got to try out 3 products in total:

  • Purifying Clay Mask – A nutritious blend of sea clay, spirulina🍃, kaolin clay, flower powder, tea tree oil 🌱, and Eucalyptus oil🌿
  • Balancing Facial Oil – This is a luxurious blend of non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog your pores :)) ingredients Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Tea tree oil🌿, and Lavender oil🍃with a hint of peppermint🌱+ primrose oils. This is hands down one of my favorite facial oils now!
  • Detoxifying goat milk beauty bar – Heads up! This is NOT Vegan. The only animal ingredient is goat milk which is sourced from their small family owned goat farm.
    • The one other ingredient that really stood out was “Sustainable Palm Oil”. I verified with Indie Goat Soap and they confirmed that their distributor is located in Columbia and has both RSPO and Rain forest Alliance certifications.
    • For the full details on why only certified Palm oil is recommended, check out my instagram post!
    • Conclusion: My feedback for them was that they try getting the sustainable palm oil certifications on their website for more transparency. They appreciated my feedback and they plan to look into getting these certifications on their website.

Is Indie Goat Soap Cruelty-free?

After carefully reviewing their products and based on the answers, I received from the founders, I can confirm that Indie Goat Soap is CRUELTY-FREE🐰and will be added to the Ethical Pixie Certified list!🙌

If you have any other brands that you would like information about, please leave a comment below and I am happy to contact the brand for you.😃

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