List of Cruelty-free Deodorants

Did you know, your sweat doesn’t actually have an odor? But when it mixes with the bacteria on your skin, it releases an odor. Deodorants help neutralize this body odor. Deodorants are one of the most essential items in our everyday life.

Finding a healthy, natural and cruelty-free deodorant can be hard. So, I went ahead and composed a comprehensive list of all cruelty-free/vegan deodorants.

This list includes brands that are Cruelty-free. Most of the brands here either have one or more certifications(Leaping Bunny, CCF, PETA). If a brand doesn’t have a certification and is part of this list, it means, I have reached out to the brand to ensure they meet the full set of requirements by asking the below list of questions:

  1. Are your products or individual ingredients within your products tested on animals?
  2. Do your suppliers or any third party companies test on animals on your behalf?
  3. Are your products sold in markets where animal testing is required by law (Ex: Mainland China)?
  4. Is your company owned by another company? If so, can you please specify who?
  5. Do you have leaping bunny, CCF or PETA certifications? If not, do you plan on filing for any of these certifications in the near future?


Below are the symbols, I will be using against the brand to indicate if it’s Cruelty-free, 100% Vegan, Owned by a parent company that tests on Animals.




  1. Acure🌿
  2. Crystal
  3. Eclair Naturals🌿
  4. Green Goo
  5. Lavanila🌿
  6. Little Seed Farm
  7. Meow Meow Tweet🌿
  8. pacifica deodorant water🌿
  9. Piper Wai🌿
  10. Primal Pit Paste
  11. Schmidt’s🏒(Owned by Unilever)
  12. Tom’s Of Maine 🏒(Owned by Colgate-Palmolive)
  13. Zion Health🌿


  1. Andalou Naturals
  2. Bull Dog
  3. Every Man Jack
  4. Jason


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