The Ultimate Guide to Cruelty free Hand Sanitizers in 2022

Updated as of April 13, 2022

With the recent news and panic of #coronavirus, hand sanitizer has become one of the most needed product now. Sadly, most of the popular hand sanitizer brands like Purell, GermX etc. are NOT Cruelty free.

To stay healthy, it’s recommended by CDC and WHO to clean your hands thoroughly for atleast 20 seconds. But, when you are not at home, traveling, a sanitizer in your purse, backpack or car would come in handy.

So, to make it easier for you, I put together a full list of Cruelty free Sanitizers. This list contains all types of hand sanitizers – gels, sprays, wipes etc. 


The below list of Cruelty free Sanitizers has been alphabetized and clearly indicated if a brand is [100% VEGAN], [100% VEGETARIAN] or Owned by a parent company that tests on Animals.





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