Hello! Welcome to Ethical Pixie – your cruelty-free and ethical fashion guide!

I am Swetha, I was born in India and as a kid, I grew with my grandparents on a farm for a few years. They had every farm animal you could ever imagine and huge acres of mango orchards. Guess this was when my love for animals and nature began;).

Over the years, growing up, I slowly realized animals were not just slaughtered for meat, but are also used in clothing, medicines, skin care, cosmetics etc. It saddened me to learn that animals are part of our everyday life. But, not in a good way or for the right reasons. This doesn’t stop with just farm animals. Even wild animals are tortured either for human entertainment or for their skin. Once you realize, how much animals lives are intertwined into humans lives, you feel like anything you do is not good enough. We are so dependent on animals for all the wrong reasons.

This made me question myself – How can I stop this? What can I do to make this world a better place? I know, I am just a drop in the ocean. But, I realized, if I can make an impact by creating a wave, it would make me happy.

Thus, my journey towards being a conscious consumer began 6 years ago. It started with me – food, products etc. I started cleaning out my closet and my bathroom. I would research for hours on best cruelty-free products, ethical clothing, shoes, and even travel. 😂 yes, you can be an ethical tourist! Eventually, I felt, I needed to spread the word. So I did what any of you would have done – dumped my knowledge on my friends. I would sit them down, even acquaintances and tell them about animal testing and the horrors animals endure. And yes, some of them hated me. You realize that people don’t like being told, what they are doing is wrong. But, I didn’t care. I felt like, I just needed to make a difference and if I could change one person to become a conscious consumer, I would be happy, ecstatic. I succeeded with some and failed with some. The few that would be interested, would ask me for help on what products to buy as that’s the easiest to change.

Eventually, one of my friends asked me why I don’t blog about this. She told me, instead of telling one person at a time, I could tell thousands and even millions hopefully. So here, I am today, as the voice for all these innocent animals. My goal is to help you make a conscious choice in your everyday life by providing all the resources you need.