Ultimate Guide to Cruelty free/Vegan Toners in 2022

Updated as of July 29, 2022

Toner is the first step to any person’s skincare routine. In fact, making toner a part of your skincare routine is very essential and I would recommend using it every day.

Why is using a toner so important? 

Along with toning and smoothing your skin, a right toner can shrink pores, restore pH balance, and moisturize your skin. Adding a toner to your skincare regimen can also unclog pores and remove extra oil and dirt leftover even after you’ve washed your face! Yes, that’s right. Even after you wash your face, there is always a little bit of dirt that still lingers on your skin and a toner can help remove that.

Most Cruelty-free skincare brands offer toners in fact, some of the best toners in the market are Cruelty-free! However, finding the right toner that suits your skin can be challenging esp. with so many different options to pick from. Today, we have toners for every skin type Ex: Sensitive skin toners, Aloe Vera based toners, Vitamin C toners, Witch Hazel toners, etc.

To make it easier for you to find the right toner, I created a full list of Cruelty free toners. If you are new to using a toner, you can start with one of the Drugstore (You can now refer to Drugstore Cruelty Brands) toners. 

Ethical Pixie Approved List:

All the brands listed below are Ethical Pixie Approved. What does it mean?

  • All the brands listed below are Cruelty-free!
  • The brand’s final Product or individual ingredients haven’t been tested on animals.
  • Brand did not authorize any 3rd party suppliers to conduct animal testing on their behalf.
  • Brand does not sell their products in countries like Mainland China where animal testing is required by law.


The below list is alphabetized and clearly indicates indicated if a product is [100% VEGAN] or Owned by a parent company that tests on Animals. Some of the brands mentioned in the list below offers a whole line of toners you can pick from.




Thank you again for choosing Cruelty-free! Even though, shopping Cruelty-free is just a small effort on your part, remember you are making a HUGE impact to the lives of millions of animals!

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  1. Great list! By the way, Paula’s Choice is now owned by Unilever sadly – was sold to them in June, 2021

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