Behind the Brand: Noize

Awareness about Sustainability has been on the raise, thanks to conscious consumers like you out there! Being a conscious consumer, finding Sustainable, Ethical, Cruelty free brands in our everyday lives with regards to beauty, food etc. is a challenge in itself. Thankfully, that has evolved with time. With hundreds of affordable brands out there, easy accessible, it has become so much easier to shop for cruelty free, vegan products. However, one shopping area that’s still an enigma for most people (even me) is fashion esp. clothing.

About the Brand

One such brand is NOIZE! Noize is a Cruelty free, Ethical, 100% Vegan and Sustainable Outerwear Brand for both Men and Women. In their own words, “Never a trend, environmentally conscious and cruelty-free living is a lifestyle”. Their jackets are made from highest quality PETA approved vegan furs and leather alternatives that are equal in warmth, comfort and style — all without harming defenseless animals or wasting essential resources we all need to thrive.

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Quality and Warmth?

Noize Jackets are made from highest quality Vegan faur, leather materials and Yes, they are warm! The website offers a warmth/temperature rating for the winter jackets/coats. Most jackets have a comfort zone to -30C which are comparable to the temperatures other more expensive, non-vegan jackets offer.

Some of my Favorites:


Recently, I got to partner with Noize and they kindly gifted me their Meghan Vegan leather jacket in Black. Along with being chic, it’s surprisingly warm that I can still wear it during fall.

You can also find this jacket for a much lower price at Nordstrom Rack.


This cute bomber winter jacket looks so warm and chic, it’s definitely on my waitlist!!


This long parka looks simply classic. It is detailed with contrasting vegan leather trims, faux fur along the removable hood and zipped pockets on the front. Wear it to the outdoor skating rink.


I’m a huge fan of sleek and chic ran jackets. Back in 2017, after watching Dark(one of my favorite shows) Season 1, I became obsessed in finding that same Yellow rain jacket. After wasting hours and searching pretty much everywhere, I finally bought my Yellow rain coat when I visited Ireland in 2018. Though this Alyssa rain jacket doesn’t carry yellow color, I still like the other pale pink, beige colors it offers.


Did you know they have a new line of jackets for dogs? How adorable is that!? 😀

Do you have any favorite jackets from NOIZE?

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