Under Arm Care by Rustic MAKA

Underarm care is often times ignored. Even the ones with an extensive skincare routine like us are happy to slather on a Deodorant and call it a day. Underarms are prone to be warm and moist due to limited access to fresh air which leads to irritation and unwanted smelly bacteria. 

I came across this brand that focuses mainly on under arm care. With these simple products, we can enhance the health of our underarms and show them some much-deserved love.

About the Brand

Rustic MAKA is a Crueltyfree🐰 and Vegan🌿 skincare brand with primarily focussed on under arm care. After creating her very own deodorant in her family kitchen, Kasia eventually realized the potential and founded Rustic Maka.

Kasie, the owner kindly gifted me couple of her products to review. Check out my full review on Instagram.

EXFOLIATE Cleansing Scrub | Clay + Bamboo

This cleaning scrub is your answer! Clay + bamboo helps remove dead skin build up. It’s multi-fuctional and can be used for face, body and underarms. This activated charcoal scrub is made from black soap, clay, bamboo powder, lavender and mint. 

The texture is soft and foamy and doesn’t have any strong smell. I have used this on my face and underarms and absolutely loved it! I never really cared about scrubbing my under arms before, but it really helps buff away the dead skin leaving it super soft and silky. It also comes with a small wooden spoon for easy scooping. Overall, I love this detoxifying exfoliant and highly recommend it!

LUNA Bliss Deodorant

Natural Deodorants don’t block your pores and help reduce odor even when you are not wearing deodorant. A blissfully clean, powder crisp scent combined with a hint of light floral aroma makes this deodorant simply perfect! This activated charcoal deodorant is made from some wonderful plant based ingredients like bamboo, coconut, tapioca powder etc. 

This deodorant is non-sticky and has a very light floral scent which lingers all day. It’s 100% natural, free of parabens, aluminum and baking soda. It not only makes you smell good, it also moisturizes the skin. Overall, I love this deodorant esp. The added benefit of how it moisturizes the skin.


Overall, their products are amazing! Thanks to the brand, I was able to learn so much about taking care of my underarms.

How do you take care of your under arms? Do you have a routine? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.😀

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