Is ALMAY Cruelty free in 2022?

ALMAY is NOT Cruelty free! Read below to understand why.


Almay is a drugstore makeup and beauty brand owned by parent company Revlon which also tests on Animals.


Recently, Almay has been falsely claiming that they are “Cruelty free“. They have these terms and “Fake” Cruelty free logos displayed on their website and on their pop up displays in Drugstores.

Almay falsely claiming they are “Cruelty free”.

Even on their website, they make false Cruelty free claims by stating that they don’t test their products on animals and that they substantiate the safety of their products using “the humane and modern way.”

This is how we are cruelty free
Almay loves its furry friends. We do not test our products on animals and, instead, we substantiate the safety of all of our products the humane and modern way–using state-of-the-art product-safety principles and methodologies.

False Cruelty free claims on their website

Revlon’s Animal Testing Policy:

Previously, ALMAY had the same animal testing policy as their parent company, REVLON which absolutely tests on animals.

REVLON’s animal testing policy.

This clearly states that their products are sold in countries like Mainland China where Animal testing is required by law.

PETA’s List of Brands that Test on Animals:

ALMAY is also on PETA’s list of brands that still test on Animals.

Lastly, you can also checkout statements from other popular Cruelty free bloggers like Cruelty Free Kitty and Ethical Elephant on how Almay is deceiving customers with their false “Cruelty free” claims.


Don’t worry, there are a lot Cruelty free brands options including some high end beauty brands listed here. You can now pick from 500+ Cruelty free brands that are #EthicalPixieApproved.


Based on all the facts above, Almay is NOT CRUELTY FREE.

All the “Cruelty free” claims made by Almay are false! Their products are sold in mainland China and can be subjected to animal testing required by law.

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